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Power Lifter II #741315

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Dual Column System

Features: Safe air-operated system featuring an internal, rechargeable 12V battery

Easy to operate:

  • Depress the “UP” foot pedal to raise 5,000 cc per hook (total 40 lbs) to a height of 9 feet
  • Depress the “DOWN” foot pedal to smoothly lower solution containers and make changeovers
  • Heavy cast aluminum base provides stability at maximum and minimum capacity
  • 2-column lift system holds a total of two 5,000 cc bags per column
  • Battery operated convenience eliminates hazardous electric cords on O.R. floor

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Up to four 5000 cc containers (one bag per hook)
Anodized aluminum poles / Stainless steel hanger assembly, Cast aluminum base 6 non-conductive casters
Lift Mechanism:
Min. 5’ 7” to Max. 9’ from floor to top hanger
Shipping Weight:
Base – 48 lbs / Pole Assembly – 32 lbs
12V DC (nom.)
Recharge Power:
115V 60Hz / approx. 180MA
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