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Hospital Mobility Expands Sales Channels, Adding Strategic Partners

November 29th, 2010 | Comments (0)

Michael Judge, Vice President Strategic Alliances for Hospital Mobility LLC, announced today that Hospital Mobility has expanded their sales channels and have added significant products to their portfolio for mobility solutions for the healthcare industry.

Today’s announcement brings Hospital Mobility in partnership with:

Lakeside Healthcare – adding a variety of mobile transport and storage solutions for healthcare including pharmacy, food service and central supply, distribution and storage departments. Lakeside is well known for their SecureMED medication carts with Lockview Software, Medical Storage Systems and a variety of solutions across many departments within healthcare.

Humanscale – adding a variety of award winning ergonomic solutions including medical computer carts, medical wall mounts and furniture for the healthcare facility. Humanscale is known for their V5 and V7 ergonomic wall mounted solutions, their T5 Point-Of-Care Technology carts and extensive ergonomic furniture line for healthcare.

Mr. Judge reports, “Our products have been distributed to over 4,000 hospitals, clinics, long term care, and educational facilities. Each one of our products has been tested, re-tested, and certified to withstand the healthcare environment. As the healthcare industry focuses on implementing EMR/EHR solutions there has been a growing demand for our products and services. We look forward to being in partnership with Lakeside and Humanscale as the healthcare industry evolves.

As a 100% women owned business we take great pride in our distribution agreements with USA based manufacturers who have been in business a minimum of ten years”.

Hospital Mobility addresses the mobile IT needs of healthcare facilities with medical computer carts, medical workstations, secured medical cabinetry and a variety of other medical equipment. Experienced local sales staffs are available throughout the United States to assist healthcare organization stakeholders with their furniture and hardware choices during the EMR/EHR planning and implementation process.

For additional information and a product catalog, contact info@hospitalmobility.com or visit www.HospitalMobility.com to request a quotation on your current projects.

About Hospital Mobility:

Hospital Mobility, headquartered in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, is a leading provider of Mobility Solutions that augment implementation of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Systems for the Healthcare Industry. Staffed by industry professionals, Hospital Mobility understands the landscape and provides best in class solutions to solve mobility problems, streamline operations, and put caregivers back in front of patients where they belong.

Hospital Mobility is a specialty distributor of best in class hospital computer carts, wall mounted computer work stations, secured medical cabinetry, privacy screens and a variety of other equipment for the healthcare industry. As a 100% women owned corporation and WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise we take great pride in our distribution agreements with USA based manufacturers who have been in our business a minimum of ten years.

About Lakeside Healthcare:

Lakeside Manufacturing is one of America’s leading cart manufacturers.  Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lakeside established itself over sixty years ago as an industry innovator, with the invention of the stainless steel utility cart.  The company is a provider of mobile solutions for an ever-changing marketplace and is continually engineering new products, and updating existing products to serve the needs of healthcare, veterinary, industrial, and foodservice markets.

About Humanscale:

Humanscale has built a solid reputation as a design and innovation leader. Their mission to develop high-performance ergonomic office tools that solve functional problems as simply and elegantly as possible was notably recognized by the design community in 2004 when they were named by I.D. magazine as one of ten “best companies” worldwide that “help push design forward.”
Partner Companies:

Cygnus, Inc, Ergotron, Humanscale, Lakeside Healthcare, Omnimed, Synnex, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Toshiba


Michael Judge
Vice President
Hospital Mobility




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